These are some of the best kids' sites on the web. I have checked them all out and I think you could pick one or two of these for most of your internet fun. However, if you find anything objectionable or not suitable for children, let me know and I will consider eliminating them from the list.

  1. Disney ...
    This site is massive and I will guarantee that you will NEVER see it all. It is based on Disney's magazine, "Family Fun," and covers just about every aspect of family life you can imagine.
    The Peanuts characters meet on the world wide web. Good Grief!, Charlie Brown, they're all here with Snoopy!!
  3. Seussville
    Any body would be happy to spend some time wandering through these pages! Mom and Dad, bring the kids. You'll all enjoy this site.
  4. Kids' Space
    This is one of the places on the web where you can meet other kids from around the world. This is an interactive site and you will find other kewl kids from all over.
  5. Headbone Zone
    This site offers games, prizes and lots of great kids stuff. If you are into games, visit this site.
  6. AFRO-Americ@:Kids Zone
    More games, for kids. These games are so far out the bus doesn't even go there!
  7. Sports Illustrated for Kids
    Sports fans - players, spectators and parents of sports kids - will all love this Sports Illustrated for Kids site.
  8. KidsCom
    Jr. Hi. and middle school kids will get a bang out of this site. Visit often.
  9. A Girl's World Online Clubhouse
    Looking for the space on the Internet that's totally girlpowered? You found it! Find Pen pals, Chat and lots of contact for girls. Girls rule on these pages!!
  10. Curiocity's FreeZone
    Kids go bonkers on this site. So much to do, so little time.
  11. Horse Country
    Any kid who ever wanted to get near a horse needs to go to this site right now! You can find out about the history of the horse all the way back to before people tried to ride one. There are stories about horses kids will love.
  12. The White House for Kids
    A tour of the White House for kids. Guided by Socks the Cat and Buddy the Dog. Kids of all ages will love this. Mom's and dad's, put the toddler on your lap and surf this site with any kid 12 months and up.
  13. Cyberkids
    This site changes enough that you can make it a regular stopping place for years.
  14. National Geographic Kids
    Kids were born to browse National Geographic. Now there is an even better way to do it. Use this website. By the way, the 32 CD set of National Geographics is great!! We bought it for $99. We've seen it priced from about $200 in a local nature store to as low as about $65 on AOL.
  15. Oz Kidz Internaut Cyber Centre
    Kids and schools in Australia on the net. See what it's like for kids at the bottom of the earth.
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