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Dr Dan's Sites To See
Updated 06/08/99

They are updated more often than once a week
and they are really pretty common sense and down to earth.
All of these pages are rated "G", suitable for all ages.
Dr Dan's Superior Survey of Scenic Shoreline, WA
Links to all Shoreline Schools
Lists of Shoreline, WA, Daycares
Dr Dan's Amazing Aircraft and Annals of Aviation
International Aviation Links
Photos Added 3/23/99
Dr Dan's UFOs, Aliens, Cryptozoology and Other Weirdness
56 Links
Dr Dan's Fabulous Fundamentals of Philosophy Versus Fantasy
3+ Links
Dr Dan's Essential Elements of Effective Espionage and Investigation
Updated: 3/23/99
Pictures Added 3/23/99
Dr Dan's Scintillating Symposium on Systematic Scientific Study
Links to over 485 Dictionaries
One entry accesses all dictionaries
in the OneLook Dictionaries Link
29 Links to Science Related Sites
Question Added 3/23/99 LET THERE BE LIGHT
Dr Dan's Wonderful World of Web Weaving
If You're Around Shoreline, I can help you create your own Website
Created: Sun 15 Nov 98
Dr Dan's Powerful Pages for Parents, Princes and Princesses
Moms and Dads check out this site. With Links to the best sites for kids.
Created: Thu 19 Nov 98
Dr Dan's Big Brass Band Bonanza
For Sale: CDs, LP records, Brass Bands
Great Collection
Huge Booksale!!!
e-mail Dr Dan: drdan71@aol.com
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